Back in November of last year, YouView unveiled a new update to the design of their UI for the set-top-box.

Back then customers who were using the service with TalkTalk got the update almost immediately, however, it is only kicking off its big roll out today, making its way to all of the contract-free retail YouView boxes as of today.

To begin with, the Humax T2000, the T1000, and the T1010 models.

With the update, the YouView boxes will be getting a number of new updates, particularly a major overhaul with an HTML5 basis for responsiveness and faster navigation.

The new update also puts a number of features into the cloud, which YouView says will allow it to iterate on features much faster, with new abilities on top such as the ability to schedule recordings remotely from the YouView companion app on smartphones.

The actual UI has had many design changes with fewer words, more images and a more engaging interface overall.

There’s also a new mini guide that can be accessed while you are watching something to get access to other channels, recordings, apps, and settings, without leaving what you are watching.

Once the update has made its way to all of YouView boxes and BT customers will be left, however, we expect that to change sometime soon.

Source: YouView

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