Passwords are a huge problem, we need them for everything on the internet yet they are hard to remember, and are only as secure as where you place them.

There have been a number of innovations over the last few years to try to tackle this with two-step verification, which allows you to secure accounts with not only a password but also a one-time password.

The problem with these is that they rely on the use of an additional device, and can make getting into an account quite time-consuming, but thankfully we think there is something better out there and that is one-time password keys.

YubiKey Edge review 003One of the main companies to be manufacturing one of these keys is YubiCo, they currently manufacture a number of keys to choose from including the YubiKey Standard, Edge, Neo and Special Security.

Today we will be taking at the middle ground within these models, the Yubikey Edge which supports both One-Time Password (OTP and U2F protocols, making it compatible with a range of different services around the web, with the YubiKey OTP, OATH and Challenge-Response authentication options.

When authenticating with OTP the user simply needs to tap the singular button on the key to deliver a secure 128-bit AES encrypted single-use password, or it can be used to create a strong static password that can be used with a range of applications, websites and services that need a password but do not support OTP.

On top of that, the YubiKey Edge also works in the browser with U2F functionality, which supports both Google’s Chrome application and Mozilla’s Firefox. It can also be used with a number of websites like Dropbox, Gmail and even WordPress, in fact we currently use this technology for all of our logins now.

YubiKey Edge review 002

What makes the YubiKey Edge is that it will work effortlessly with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux with an easy to use solution that doesn’t require you to access a number of settings or features to gain access to your accounts, simply plug the key into your USB port and then touch the button when you need it.

YubiKey Edge review 001On top of this YubiKey also say that the key is crushproof, waterproof and built with central gold button able to last 5+ years with daily use.

What’s more the key is really small and fits perfectly on any keychain or within a wallet, without too much addition to the size of your pocket.

During our tests we found the YubiKey Edge worked perfectly in all tested situations, I secured my account on this site with it and I never found it to work incorrectly. I also used the key with both Gmail and Dropbox and found the same results, as such I would definitely recommend the YubiKey Edge to anyone who is looking to secure their accounts securely, yet without any added hassle.

The YubiKey Edge is available from Amazon or directly from Yubikey’s website. It is priced at around £25 in the UK or $30 in the US.

Yubikey Edge one-time password key review
Small and extremely portable.Makes securing accounts easy.Works just like it should.Budget price tag.
Not all websites/ services support UTP or OTP yet.The design could be better.
4.6Overall Score
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