Over the last few years, we have seen an increasing amount of smart products announced within a number of product ranges, from juice bottles up to things that should actually be smart, like a watch.

CES is usually the place where you will find the strangest new “smart” technology and this year is no different as L’Oreal and Withings have today announced a new “smart” product called the Kérastase Hair Coach.

Don’t be fooled by the name though, it’s simply a hairbrush with a microphone.

That said, L’Oreal says that this product does have the huge purpose of stopping people brushing their hair too forcefully…. Seriously? How many people need an app to tell them that? Next up: A shoe that notifies you when you are walking.

Anyway, whatever the purpose is. Withings decided to work with L’Oreal and begun cramming a microphone into the insides of a hair brush and mixing it with some tech and a gyroscope to analyse your brushing patterns and measure the force that you apply while brushing.

All of this data is then pushed to a smartphone app to inform the user with the details along with tips on how to care best for your hair (presumably all adverts for L’Oreal) and local weather information.

It is expected to cost a frankly massive $200 in the US so hopefully, this won’t become or thing because if it does, we will get one step closer to this:

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