We seen some rumours and leaks for a Keyboard Cover that will be designed for the Note 5 some time ago, we didn’t post anything about it as frankly we didn’t think this would be something Samsung would announce.

Well we were wrong, Samsung proved that today after that announced the keyboard case for the Galaxy Note 5 during their Unpacked 2015 event.

Providing both a case and a hardware keyboard for the Note 5, the case features a flip out keyboard cover that sits on top of your display and allows you to type out long messages in a fashion like BlackBerry’s keyboard.

Once on top of the display the Note 5 will also adapt the screen to the keyboard.

There are also conventional navigation buttons to replace the capacitive ones that you have covered up with the case.

We are not sure how many people would actually use this case, frankly I think it’s looks horrible, but that might just be my opinion.

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