Recently we posted our guide on how to add Z-Wave to your Home Assistant install and for that, we used the UZB stick from, which is a super cheap, super small and just generally a fantastic option for adding Z-Wave capabilities to your computer.

This allows your computer to basically become a system for controlling your entire home with a range of Z-Wave devices available that can make pretty much anything in your home smart.

And of course, the UZB supports all of these Z-Wave compatible devices and networks.

Despite its low price tag, this USB stick can actually do a lot of stuff.

One of the biggest is that it is Z-Wave Plus certified, and that means that it gains a range of features including an increased range, extended battery life, and Over the Air (OTA) updates.

It is also compatible with both the USB 2.0 and the USB 3.0 interfaces alongside Linux, Mac & Windows system with full capabilities to add/exclude devices, configure, and control all aspects of your Z-Wave home automation system so long as the system that you are using also has those capabilities.

And to finish things off, the UZB stick also comes with a restore capability that allows you to recover all of your Z-Wave network’s data if you change computers, which is pretty awesome.

Oh, and did we mention that it is tiny.

A lot of people are using this stick for their own smart home installs and for good reason, the stick works great for both Home Assistant and OpenHAB installations, allowing you to link your Z-Wave devices to those systems.

And there’s even a version for NAS devices, allowing you to take advantage of that some compatibility even if you have the software installed on a NAS.

And for all of that, you can pick one of these sticks up for just £29 on Amazon or even £17 on eBay. That’s pretty cool when the closest comparable product to it is Aeotec’s Z Stick Gen5, which is priced at £45-£60, depending on where you purchase it from.

So if you are looking to set up a smart home installation or if you need a Z-Wave stick for something else then we would definitely recommend the UZB stick.

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