The ZAGG InvisibleSHIELD is probably one of the best iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad screen protectors around, with a full body coverage it really cannot be beaten.

The shield itself has been made from one of the toughest and most durable film available today with origins in the U.S. military where it was used to protect edges of helicopter blades, the film is now used to protect your gadgets from those nasty scratches we all know way too well.

Mad from a urethane plastic, the InvisibleSHIELD is completely invisible and more or less invincible achieved with self-healing qualities.

But the biggest problem with any screen protector is getting the thing on without any bubbles, or repeatedly taking it on and off again. The invisibleSHIELD tackles this with a great solution that allows you to simply glide the protector itself onto the iPad with minimal fuss.

That said it does take some time and attention to get it right, and I would advise not doing it too quickly as it can be ruined very easily.

To apply the shield you simply clean the screen completely, spray your hands with solution, remove the invisibleSHIELD from its backing, spray the film, center the film on the iPad screen, then squeegee out the excess liquid.

It really does take a couple of minutes if done correctly, once finished the shield will cover a good percentage of your iPad, but not all of it, which is good as it allows for a little breathing room.

If you are annoyed with always putting on a case and not seeing the true beauty of your iPad, you should defiantly try this out, it’s available from a ton of sites for £30, one of which is the people who actually supplied us with this review, MobileFun.

As just mentioned we were supplied this product by MobileFun but all opinions and views are completely my own.

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