Anybody who games on a tablet or smartphone will know that it’s not exactly appealing without something to actually hold onto whilst you do so, Zeemote have thought of that with their newest Bluetooth Gaming Controller to hit stores, that brings the controller back to mobile gaming.

Weirdly enough I actually found the Zeemote to be extremely easy to use and grasp how to do so, with parts of its design linking closely to the Wii’s nunchuk attachment, which if you have used one makes it extremely easy to hold as buttons placed exactly where you would normally place them.

The first two buttons you will notice upon picking up the controller include the analog control stick and the on/ D button, on the back there’s a few more buttons which include the A, B and C controls, which are placed exactly where you need them, however the C button does have a sort of dip in it, forcing you to use the tip of your finger to press it, thankfully not many games use this control so all is forgiven, until games do start using it that is.

I did however find the size of the controller a larger annoyance, as it itself is extremely small and only just about fits into the palm of my hand, I could see people with larger hands than myself receiving a few problems from this.

Probably the main feature of this is of course the games, within which there is a good selection, none of which we have heard of before this review, but that’s okay. Probably our favorite within the entire selection was Running Fred, which tied in well with the controls on the Zeemote.

Zeemote are trying to beef up the selection slightly by trying to entice developers to create games for use with the controller, but so far this doesn’t seem to be working to well, the company has released an SDK however, that allows more or less anyone to port their game over.

The great thing about the Zeemote’s size is that it’s extremely portable, allowing you to play games on the go with great ease, however I did find it kind of necessary to use some kind of stand, or even a makeshift one whilst gaming, as it’s more or less impossible to hold a device like the Nexus 7 and control it with the Zeemote.

I have to say however, I feel like the Zeemote JS1 is simply a gimmick for you to play around with every now and again when you feel bored, but arn’t all gadgets?

You can pick up the Zeemote from various places, probably the best being Amazon who are selling the device for $19.99.

Zeemote did send us a couple of samples of the JS1 for review, but all opinions of the product are truly mine. Check out Zeemote’s site for more information, as well as the pictures we took of the Zeemote JS1 Bluetooth Gaming Remote Controller below for a better look.

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