A new Indiegogo campaign has today been launched, created by a new company called Z;ero, the project is for what they claim to be the world’s first earphones that include their own in-built amplifier.

Z:ero state that this will allow users to recreate the Hi-Fi experience from their Android smartphones.

“As music continues to becoming more mobile and much more personal, we ask ourselves how we can improve on earphone design for better enjoyment. HiFi grade products utilize external USB DACs and headphone amplifiers to eliminate the deficiency in the audio design of the mobile phone. We take this challenge one step further by shrinking the implementation into a regular earphone.”

“Z:ero is the first digital earphone that includes a USB DAC and headphone amplifier that you won’t even notice. It gets pure digital audio data from your mobile USB port and creates High Fidelity music that everyone can afford and it’s easily carried around. This isn’t just some marketing gimmick. Z:ero earphones are truly digital in output.”

“The world’s smallest DAC + high-powered amplifier earphones designed to provide full digital audio without the need for an external device or bulky stereo headphones.To truly appreciate your music. For audio lovers on the go”

Check out the video below for a quick look, and also make sure to click on the source link for more information on the headphones.

Source: Indiegogo

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