Today a guy named Jakob Bay unveiled a new compact powerbank that has been named the ZEUS Hybrid and is capable of charging your smartphone from 0% to full in just 5 minutes according to the creator.

But it is not just for your smartphone, it will also be capable of charging any device that can plug into the powerbank quickly.

It does this by using Supercapacitors, which provide more advantages than the traditional lithium-ion batterys and are made from Carbon, meaning that it will be easier to recycle and the resources are more commonly available around the Earth.

The creator explained more about it with the following:

Supercapacitors does not charge using a chemical reaction like lithium-ion, which gives them a handful of advantages: Firstly they do not turn hot when they charge. Secondly they have a much lower internal resistance, which make them more energy efficient than lithium-ion cells. Thirdly they do not weaken as fast as lithium-ion cells. In fact, the ZEUS will probably be able to charge your smartphone 20 years from now as it has a 100x more charge cycles compared to a regular power bank.

We wanted to create a power bank that utilized all of these capabilities that supercapacitors have, and we have now been making prototypes for more than a year. But finally the prototyping time is over. Since we have started using careful engineering and better components we have for example been able to cut the size of the original model by half. We have now created a power bank that combines all off the pros of both the lithium-ion batteries and the supercapacitors. We call it the ZEUS Hybrid POWERBANK.

You can watch the video below for a quick look at the ZEUS Hybrid powerbank and to see how it works.

The source link will also provide you with more information about what it is, as well as a place to back the project if you are interested.

Source: Kickstarter

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