The thing about watches is that with so many to choose from, and so many that don’t offer the features or the design that you expect, it can be hard to find something that you actually want to wear, or that you want to use.

Ziiiro aims to change all of this with the release of its own well designed watches that offer a design that allows you to wear something that matches your personality and your clothing, and still provides great features.

From the moment that Ziiro contacted us to review one of their top-of-line models, the Ziiro Saturn Chrome, we knew that we hadto give the watch a go and spend a couple of weeks admiring its sleek design.

Ziiro Saturn Review TT

Ziiiro Saturn Watch Review (2 of 6)Upon opening the packaging that held the watch itself we where greeted with a well styled plastic case the encased the Saturn itself, which was wrapped around the inside container plastic case, ready to be removed and set-up for your wrist size.

Once you take the watch out of its box all you have to do is unclip the clasp, and then move it to the position that fits to your wrist securely.

Now you are ready to admire your new timepiece and allow others to admire it too, in fact there wasn’t a moment during these last two weeks that I didn’t receive some kind of complement about the watch.

Designed with a sleek and surprisingly lightweight 316L Stainless Steel, the case of the watch is only 45mm wide and 10.50mm thick, meaning that you get a watch that doesn’t feel too heavy, or too bulky that it becomes an annoyance to wear day-to-day.

Aside from the case there’s also a tapered mesh strap that is sized from 23mm to 21mm, and feels almost like a fabric.

On the front of the watch you will find its centerpiece, a circular face that shows the time in a sleek digital format. Split into 12 segments on its outer ring, and 60 segments on its inner ring, alongside the Ziiiro logo in the middle that will light up depending on whether it is AM or PM.

Ziiiro Saturn Watch Review (6 of 6)To decipher the time one simply counts the number of segments on the outer ring to find the hours, along with the number of segments to find the minutes, and then puts them together to find out what time it is in a 12-hour format.

Then if you see the logo lit up in the centre of the watch, it is AM, if it is not lit up then it is PM. To set this time you simply need to turn the face of the watch over and you will find a couple of buttons, these can then be used to quickly change the hour or the minute.

Putting these buttons on the back means that the front and sides of the device keep sleek a clean without a large amount of buttons that often clutter many watches on the market.

In fact there’s only one other button on the entire watch, quite large in size it is placed on the top right of the watch, allowing you to control the light on the watch itself. This button has been sized quite largely, meaning it easy to press and find.

Ziiiro Saturn Watch Review (1 of 6)

All in all Ziiiro’s Saturn watch is an excellent watch to choose if you’re looking for something new, featuring a clear display that is easy to view in more or less any situation and if that situation is a little too dark, the watch also has a backlight that does a good job at providing a little more light to the situation.

That said, the Ziiiro Saturn is still lacking in some things that users might be looking for in a new watch, without features like a stopwatch or an alarm clock, some people might be put off.

However I think the design and build quality of the watch is something that can allow you to overlook the watches poor points.

You can find out more about the watch and purchase one of your own from Ziiiro’s retailer Twisted Time, where the watch is available in a chrome, silver and gunmetal for around £145.

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