A new Kickstarter project has this week been launched to make iPhone charging easier, called Znaps it transforms the average mobile charging cable into a magnetic one, making the act of charging your smartphone just as easy as charging your MacBook.

It will work with any mobile device that uses micro-USB (so practically any Android device), or any iPhone that uses the Lightning adapter.


It makes this cable a magnetic one by using a two-piece adapter that will not only handle the charging process, but also synchronisation with your mobile device, all you have to do is insert the small connector piece into your charging port, connect the magnet adapter to the end of your charging cable and you are good to go, and as an added bonus it will even prevent water damage.

The project has already reached its $120,000 CAD goal and even surpassed it with a massive $624,874 CAD in backing at the time of writing. But you can still back the project, with it remaining open for backing until August 14th, until which time you can pledge from $19 CAD to grab your own connector and adapters.

Worldwide shipping will begin for the project in November.

Source: Kickstarter

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