For the first time in 10 years, Microsoft has announced that they will be released a new version of Zoo Tycoon for the PC, but designed specifically for use on mobile platforms.

Announced during the companies keynote at Evolve, Zoo Tycoon Friends will be available for Windows 8 and Windows Phone as a free-to-play title, hitting both of the relevant app stores this summer, or very soon if I have my seasons correct.

In terms of gameplay, the new Zoo Tycoon will take a few elements from the classic games, allowing users to build their own zoos, and even manage them on various devices, allowing them to continue building from where they left off on a tablet or a smartphone, or even a PC if you started the zoo on a mobile.

In the game users will be able to access over 40 different species, all of which will have their own habitats that the user must construct.

Once built and placed, users will be able to interact with their animals and habitats with either touch controls or a mouse and keyboard.

Microsoft has yet to state how in-game purchases might work, but we do expect that their will be the ability to buy tokens and other in-game add-ons.

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