Zotac has today revealed a new collaboration with Thermaltake to launch a brand new liquid cooled graphics card.

Called the GeForce GTX 1080 ArticStorm, it is a 10-year anniversary edition the celebrate that edition and was announced at a press conference in Hong Kong, in which the CEO of Zotac International Tony Wong said the following about it:

 “I would like to acknowledge our staff’s effort in making this happen – both this event and the past 10 years, since putting the name Zotac onto the things we make, we have never stopped finding ways to make it even better. Our ultimate vision is to put Zotac into every piece of technology we use.”

It features a completely new printed circuit board that features a 16 power-phase design, that Zotac says will provide greater power regulation at higher speeds, and those speeds are pretty high, featuring a base clockspeed of 1,657MHz and a boost clockspeed of 1,787 Mhz.

It will also come with two BIOSes to allow you to switch back to the older and slower clockspeeds, which are 1,632MHz and 1,771MHz respectively.

Zotac hasn’t announced details about the pricing or availability about the card yet.

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