ZTE has this week announced an interesting new smartphone, called the Spro Plus it features a large 8.4-inch 2K display alongside a projector to make it great for consuming content on the device.

It also has newly improved video output, with virtual and horizontal keystone correction and autofocus, with LASER technology instead of LED.

Spro Plus projector

Following on from the Spro 2, the Spro Plus takes everything they learned from the Spro2 but improves upon it with a range of new features, that only improves its display as previously mentioned, but also some other features inside.

One of the biggest features inside is the massive 12,100 mAh battery, which should allow you to watch videos for quite some time and is topped off with a new JBL Audio system with two 4W speakers.

The Spro Plus will be available around the world in both a Wi-Fi and Cellular model in Summer 2016.

We don’t yet know what markets it will be available in, or for how much it will be available for.

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