Ahead of the kick-off of this year’s MWC event, ZTE has teased an upcoming smartphone announcement.

This latest teaser is particularly interesting because it claims to be the world’s first gigabit LTE smartphone, thanks to its use of 5G.

Of course, 5G coverage would be required to hit these speeds, but that’s probably not to far away.

While you wait, the phone will feature a number of other great features including the ability to shoot 4K video as well as 360-degree video.

The smartphone will also feature a cloud feature that will allow you to upload or download content on the go.

And that’s about all that we know right now.

This should be one of many smartphones that we will see at MWC 2017, with the Snapdragon 835 chipset packing the X16 modem, it is gigabit LTE capable.

That means that we will probably see a lot of manufacturers touting the inclusion of the band.

We will update you with all of the news from MWC 2017 as it happens, so be sure to come back here during the event.

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