Quite a lot of you might well remember when Omgpop announced one of the biggest games to hit the App Store ever, Draw Something in February 2012, an app which managed to lure in 20 million downloads within the first week of it being available, and soon after topping 50 million.

And you may also know that soon after that Zynga picked up the app for $180 million, probably a little too late however, as the app quickly lost attention for the likes of Angry Birds and Temple Run.

However the developer hasn’t given up yet, releasing Draw Something 2 on the App Store earlier today for the price of £1.99, the app promises to be even bigger than before, with 5000 new words to draw in total.

Alongside which there’s new drawing implements and even a gallery to save your creations in, oh and there’s no achievements, if anyone still cares about those.

If you don’t want to pay the £1.99 for the paid version of the app, Zynga have also released a free version, however there’s a catch, you’ll have to put up with ads annoying you ever 5 minutes.

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