A new hovering drone camera has this week been revealed, designed by ZZR is has been designed to record footage of you whilst you are on an adventure in 4K Ultra HD.

At the moment, the ZZR Hover Camera is just a prototype, but they do plan to release it to consumers in the future.

It is powered by a quad-core Snapdragon processor, which is used to control both the drones flight and the camera angles that it uses, allowing it to automatically follow you and record at the same time.

It is capable of capturing either a 13-megapixel still photo or Ultra 4K video content.

It also comes equipped with on-board image stabilisation to keep this video smooth, and when you’re not recording you can fold it up to about the same size as a book.

It also has a rugged design that uses lightweight carbon fibre.

No information on pricing or worldwide availability has been revealed yet, but you can still find out more and register for the beta at the source link.

Source: ZZR

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